2ndFleet ORG: 1-1 Listening Post

Author: Wulfman
Campaign 1: Klingon Invasion
Mission: 1 of 3
Mission Type: Space & Ground
Mission Location: Bomari System, Risa Sector, Sirius Sector Block

Mission Briefing Listening Post:
Starfleet Intelligence has contacted Deep Space K7 to be on alert for a Klingon Invasion Force. The Station Commander suspects the Klingons to be rebuilding the Listening post in Bomari System and he therefore wants to dispatch a ship or a small Task Force into the System to investigate.

"Captain, this is Commander Bez from Deep Space K7. We have reason to believe that the Klingons have started to rebuild a listening post in the Bomari System."

"We need your Ship to patrol the Bomari System."

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