2ndfleet ORG: 1-3 Invasion

Author: Wulfman
Campaign 1: Klingon Invasion
Mission: 3 of 3
Mission Type: Space & Ground
Mission Location: Mission Location: Drozana Station, Donat Sector, Eta Eridani Sector Block.

Mission Briefing Invasion:
Starfleet needs to dispatch a ship to Drozana Station. A Ferengi claims to have Information about Gorn and Klingon Fleet movements. Starfleet is expecting an invasion and any Information you can gather may bring the advantage. Be prepared to go straight into battle.

This mission is designed for a small task force or a single ship.

"Captain, we received Orders to meet with a Ferengi Informant at Drozana Station in Eta Eridani Sector Block."
"Admiral Wolf of the 2nd Fleet is coordinating the defenses in the Eridani Sector and is expecting a large scale Klingon Invasion."
"Starfleet can no longer establish any communications with the Xarantine System."

"We are to gather intelligence on the Klingon and Gorn Fleet movements and a Ferengi at Drozan Station claims he has the Information we need. We do not know what they want in exchange, but Information coming from a Ferengi will have a price."

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