Second Fleet Operations and Reconnaissance Group

S3 Engineering Officer -
Vice Admiral Sylana (Sylana@rsciw)

S4 Operations Officer -
Fleet Captain Edward Chang (Edward Chang@sharpe-)

The Operations Officer is in charge of organising ground Combat to battle the Borg in Special Task Force Missions.

Engineering lead by Engineering and Operations Officer is in charge of the fight against the Borg who still invade the alpha and beta quadrant. This means Special Task Force Missions and other PVE content that is Borg related. This also includes all DS9 related activities including fighting the Dominion and their Cardasian allies

Ground STF Walkthrough:

The Cure
Khitomer Accord

Small and maneuverable with very strong weaponary

Capital ships with large crew and effective ship systems

Advanced deflectors and sensors designed for exploration.

The above Starfleet Engineering links show several Starfleet ships used by the ORG.